Signature Pieces is a collection of handmade jewelry, designed in small batches.  No two pieces are the same. We think every gal and every gem is unique! That's what our brand is about - celebrating unique differences. The most interesting stones or gems are the ones with a story associated with it. We like to make conversational pieces. Designs that inspire us to connect with others and ourselves.


 Tiff and I attended college together and remained friends over the years. We both picked up jewelry making in 2014, the summer before she moved out to the west coast for work in 2015. Jewelry making has been a way for us to stay connected despite the 3000 mile distance. This venture keeps us inspired to learn and grow everyday as well to meet other women entrepreneurs!


Tiffany designs from San Jose, CA.

Cassandra designs from Poughkeepsie, NY.


handmade signature pieces: jewelry designed by tiffany

handmade signature pieces: jewelry designed by cassandra